The Research Fellowship Inbound (RESFEL IN) to Syarif Hidayatullah State Islamic University Jakarta (UIN Jakarta) aims to provide opportunities for distinguished scholars and experts from various fields to visit and collaborate with the university. The fellowship program seeks to promote academic exchange and research collaboration between the visiting professors and the university’s faculty and students.

This fellowship is significant as it enables the university to tap into the expertise of distinguished scholars and experts from different parts of the world. The program also allows for the exchange of ideas and knowledge, which can enhance the quality of teaching and research at the university. Furthermore, the program promotes intercultural understanding and fosters global academic partnerships, which can lead to future collaborations and opportunities for the university’s faculty and students. Overall, the RESFEL IN is an important initiative that can benefit the academic community at Syarif Hidayatullah State Islamic University and beyond.

What We Cover

This program is intended to facilitate visiting professors from abroad in developing their ideas and concepts through a visit to UIN Jakarta for at least a month. The total funding provided by this program is IDR 100,000,000 (approximately $6,600 with 1 USD = 15,070 IDR) per person to cover international airfare from home country to Jakarta, pre and post departure activities, living stipend, accommodation, local transportation, health and travel insurance, visa.

Eligibility and Required Documents

  1. The candidate must be a researcher from a foreign institution and must provide the name of the institution/affiliation
  2. Provide proof of email correspondence or a letter of support from UIN Jakarta stating their willingness to receive the applicant to carry out activities related to this program at the intended location [person in charge]
  3. Provide a letter of recommendation from the Dean of the Faculty of UIN Jakarta stating that the applicant is a worthy professor to participate and be given teaching duties as a guest professor at UIN Jakarta
  4. Letter of Statement from home institution
  5. Latest academic CV
  6. Research proposal and activities plan (max. 1,500 words)
  7. Passport
  8. Possess active Arabic/English/French language skills, both orally and in writing

Submission Procedure 

  1. The prospective participant must fill out the RESFEL IN registration form (click here).
  2. All required documents should be sent to
  3. The LP2M UIN Jakarta team evaluates the participant’s registration documents. Incomplete documents will not be reviewed for further selection by the LP2M-appointed Review Board.
  4. The Review Board reads all application documents that meet the requirements and scores each prospective participant based on the criteria set.
  5. After the Review Board submits the results of the application document assessment and recommends the names of successful candidates, the UIN Jakarta Rector determines the program participants’ eligibility.
  6. The LP2M UIN Jakarta announces the names of the RESFEL IN program for 2023 who passed the selection and sends an invitation letter to the selected participants. 


  1. Memberikan materi kuliah di kelas sebagai dosen tamu untuk mahasiswa di UIN Jakarta
  2. Menulis sebuah draf artikel di jurnal internasional yang penelitiannya dilakukan ketika menjadi fellow di UIN Jakarta
  3. Melakukan penelitian bersama (joint research) dengan civitas akademika di UIN Jakarta
  4. Mensosialisasikan sistem pengelolaan dan perkembangan Islamic studies di Negara asal kepada UIN Jakarta
  5. Mengkaji model pengelolaan kelembagaan dan pengembangan kurikulum program studi di UIN Jakarta
  6. Menulis laporan kegiatan ketika menjadi Fellow di UIN yang dilengkapi dengan bukti-bukti dokumen yang relevan

Fellowship Terms 

  1.  Including UIN Jakarta institutional affiliation as a Research Fellow for each invitation to activities outside UIN Jakarta and ready to publish the results of this program.
  2. Handling the entire process of participant departure is the responsibility of each individual participant, which includes:
    – Preparing visa and itinerary tickets;
    – Preparing the activities/work program that each participant will do when arriving and working with partner units at UIN Jakarta;
    – Other regulations outside those already established but not conflicting with those set by UIN Jakarta.
  3. Activities at UIN Jakarta for each Research Fellow participant are carried out individually, and not sent or placed collectively as a group.
    It is expected that the selection of UIN Jakarta as a research destination will support the mission of UIN Jakarta towards a World Class University.


No. Date Activities
1 April 1st – June 30rd : Penerimaan berkas Aplikasi
2 July 14th : Announcement of selected applicants
3 August-October : Pelaksanaan Kegiatan (applicants may choose preferred date/month)
4 November 15th : Batas akhir penyerahan laporan akademik dan administratif