LP2M Selenggarakan International Conference Beyond Co-Existence in Plural Societies

LP2M- Playing its role as an Islamic Moderate higher education that actively promoting peaces and disseminating scholars’ researches result on integrative knowledge, UIN Jakarta through Institution for Research and Community Engagement (LP2M) held an International Conference on “Beyond Co-Existence in Plural Societies”. Jointly co-organized with University of Notre Dame, USA, with its project Contending Modernities Working Group on Indonesia, this event successfully presented world-recognized scholars who concerns on the Islamic Studies and Social Sciences such as Ebrahim Moosa (Professor at Islamic Studies-Notre Dame), R. Scott Appleby (Dean of Keough School of Global Affairs), Robert W Hefner (Boston University), Nelly van Doorn-Harder (Wake Forest University), Atalia Omer (Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies), Webb Keane (University of Michigan), Michael Feener (Oxford University), Eckhard Zemmrich (Humboldt-Universitat, Germany), Muhammad Ali (University of California, Riverside), Lena Larsen (NCHR, University of Oslo) and Indonesian big scholars such as Azyumardi Azra (UIN Jakarta), Arskal Salim (UIN Jakarta), Yuniyanti Chuzaifah (NCVW Indonesia), Muhammad Abdun Nasir (UIN Mataram), Siti Syamsiatun (UGM) and many others researchers.

The speakers taking photo after discussion session.

This 2- day event attracted more than 270 participants including researchers, scholars, religious figures, opinion leaders, students and national media coverage; geotimes and harian Kompas. This conference which was held on Monday to Tuesday, 10-11 July 2017 in Auditorium Harun Nasution and Uni-Club meeting room UIN Jakarta sought to stimulate public discourses, public educations and the project of peaceful coexistence in pluralized societies by providing accessible information, analysis, evaluation, and policy-relevant studies. This event emphasizes that informing the public discourse is a crucial part of the CM Indonesian working group in ways that will enhance a more informed public debate and the development of shared perspectives that can deepen public discourse and policy making, both locally and globally.

Arskal Salim, Conference Convenor, giving a remarks at the opening ceremony of the conference. Later at the afternoon, Arskal also delivered a speech as one of the key sepakers.

Arskal Salim, as the conference convener, explained that this event gives positive contribution to today’s Indonesia society where a number of intolerance practices and religious sentiment is increasingly growing. “This international conference is expected to establish theoretical and practical formulation in preserving the harmonious life of Indonesian religious believers and strengthening the interfaith relation and its discussion to promote a peaceful plural coexistence” said Arskal in his remarks. (DPS)

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