International Conference “Beyond Coexistence in Plural Societies”

The Contending Modernities working group on Indonesia was formally launched in 2015 to begin a three-year research project examining the complex issues facing plural societies with the intention of fostering possible collaborations among various actors, religious and secular, at different levels, local and global, individuals and communities. While the working group addresses broad issues of the changing dynamics of authority, community and identity, at this early stage we focus on problems of coexistence in Indonesia, the largest Muslim majority country in the world. Given that Indonesia is the third largest democratic country after India and the United States, there is a lot to learn from this country about the ways in which religious diversity is managed. A country with such diverse religions and ethnics with more than three hundred different ethnicities and languages and more than six thousand islands, Indonesia is a laboratory for research on the changing dynamics of authority, community and identity. Now home to more than 200 million Muslims with a significant number of Christians, including Catholics, Indonesia is a newly consolidated democracy in which new models of pluralist coexistence are today reformulated, promoted and contested.

With the aims to disseminate the research findings and gather more views about the issue, Contending Modernities and LP2M (Institution for Research and Community Engagement) UIN Jakarta cordially invite you to attend conference with the intention of stimulating learned public discourses, public educations and the project of peaceful coexistence in pluralized societies by providing accessible information, analysis, evaluation, and policy-relevant studies that will be held on:

Day/ Date        : Monday, July 10, 2017

Time                : 8.a.m.- 5.p.m.

Place                : Auditorium of Harun Nasution, UIN Jakarta

Many world-recognized experts in this field confirmed to attend as speakers:

Arskal Salim, UIN Jakarta

Azyumardi Azra, UIN Jakarta

Eckhard Zemmrich, Humboldt-Universität, Germany

James Hoesterey, Emory University, USA

Michael Feener, University of London

Mohamad Nasir, IAIN Mataram

Nelly van Doorn-Harder, Lake Forest University, USA

Robert W. Hefner, Boston University, USA

Siti Syamsiatun, ICRS-UGM

Webb Keane, University of Michigan, USA

Yuniyanti Chuzaifa, Komnas Perempuan